This ternary complex tree T{i/√3,1/2-i/2√3,-1/2+i/2√3} represented in 3D as a three-legged table can be used to tile the plane. It was first created using Mathematica and 3D-printed by Shapeways back in 2013 as a gift to Robert Fathauer in relation to his "Three-Fold Development" ceramic sculpture, a fractal design that shares the same geometry. A variant of this tree is found in Benoit Mandelbrot's book "The Fractal Geometry of Nature" plate 73 as a plane-filling fractal tree called "fludgeflake". As a complex tree, see , it is structurally unstable, its reverse is a mirror-reflection of itself, and the fractal dimension of its tipset is D=log(1/3)/log(1/√3)=2.
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